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making tables for the next generations

As often as we can we still use locally harvested woods such as urban timber and recovered woods from our local rivers. This often allows us to cut the wood how we want instead of square lumber. Today's Live edge style is a compliment to the tree that fell to make it. We've been using local live edge cuts for over 12 years. It's a style that seems to gain new life every 25 years or more. Here's to the next 25!

Have you ever driven by a lake on a calm day? The surface so smooth and serene. It begs to be touched. Then you notice there is so much more underneath that calm surface. The structure, the life, the support underneath. This is what makes a Table also. Its not about the serene calm top. Its the structure underneath that gives it the life. 

Tree 2 Table
A Lake and a table

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